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Buh-Bye Hair! 
Sunday, August 15, 2010

michell jersonAs you know, I am always looking for some great places to recommend to help us all look and feel our best.  I was introduced to electrolysis years ago by my mom to get rid of some stray unwanted hairs.  Since then, I’ve been going for different parts of my body and have definitely had my share of electrologists over the years, and I can tell you there is definitely a difference between the good ones and the ones you pay to basically pull your hair out with a tweezer.  People go for electrolysis for pretty much any body part…from your eyebrows to your toes and everything in between!  Many women like going for their bikini line so they never have to worry about shaving or waxing again.

Having moved back to New Jersey recently, I was looking for someone good and found Lori Jay from The Center For Skin Enhancement on a website that lists board certified electrologists in New Jersey.  She works with a dermatologist, Dr. Kurnick, so that made me feel even more comfortable.   In the past, I have gone to people who have left some pretty bad scabbing after the treatment, saying it was normal, but I knew after having gone to a few others that this was not normal and could have been from an older machine or the current that was being used.  For those of you who may be new to electrolysis, there are three common types of treatment…galvanic, thermolysis, or short wave, and the electro-blend method.  Without going into too much detail, the galvanic is the oldest method and is done very slowly, thermolysis is what most electrologists are using these days, which is the fastest method, but hasn’t always been the most effective for me and can have a high regrowth rate.  I have found the blend method to work well because time is taken with each hair and it really gets into the root, but is not as slow as galvanic.  Depending on who you call and what method they use, you will probably be told different things about each, but all I can tell you is that I have found the blend to work best for me.

In addition to finding the method that works best for you, you have to find a good electrologist who really knows what they are doing and doesn’t cause you to scab on a consistent basis (every so often and at the beginning can be normal) and knows how to target  the root, otherwise it will grow back as if you had just pulled it out.  The point of electrolysis is to kill the root so it comes back thinner and then  never again.  Not only is Lori a knowledgeable and skilled electrolysis, but she is very engaging and will explain everything in detail to you in your initial consultation which includes a free 30 minute treatment, so it’s a no brainer to try it out.  You can reach Lori at (609) 314-0344 at The Center for Skin Enhancement in Willingboro, New Jersey.

Dear Lori –

I promised you I would write you a testimonial on the “Wonderful Job” you have done for me and finally, here it is

When is an Electrolysis NOT Electrolysis?

I have had a facial hair problem since I have been in my twenties. I have gone to a # of electrologists, gotten my face waxed, plucked the hairs, etc. over the years. The last electrologist I went to for over 15 years. And until September 2008 – I basically had the same amount of hair that I had 15 years ago – the only difference it changed from Black to White and got coarser.

I was at my hairdresser (who is also a barber) back in September and I was jokingly saying that he was “De-Rooting Me (a/k/a – a Touch-up)” and I had to get “De-Fuzzed (a/k/a electrolysis done on my face) next week. While there, a gentlemen and I started talking and he asked me what De-Fuzzing was which I explained to him. He asked how long I have been having this done and I told him. He advised that whoever was doing it wasn’t doing it correctly – it should take more than one to two years to get rid of my hair problem. He explained that his wife is a Licensed Electrologist and felt I should see her – no obligation – just get a 2nd opinion. I called while at the hairdresser and made an appointment with her and explained what I was having done. She explained that there are 3 methods of electrolysis – Short Wave, Long Wave and Blended. Based on my description – she indicated I was getting short Wave and would probably be getting it for the rest of my life. She does Blended Wave and would give me a free consultation and treatment. I cancelled my appointment with my normal person and scheduled to see her the following week. I went home and “Googled” Electrolysis out on the web and became an expert on the difference – shame I didn’t do that 15 years ago – I kept on asking Joe will the hair ever go away – never really got a straight answer. Oh well – it’s my fault. I had my 1st appointment and consultation on September 23, 2008. My facial hair, especially on the chin was in “Full Bloom”. The only regret I have today is that we didn’t take a picture of my face – the before and after is unbelievable. I have been going every 3 weeks and the hair has become less and less and it is no longer stiff – it is now soft and actually dying and not coming back. Still can’t believe the difference. I am going to see Lori this Monday, which is the 1st time I have a 4 week interval and it is absolutely amazing. She is delivering on what she promised – have to be patient, especially since not properly treated for so long a time.

No one will ever know how grateful I am to have met her husband Stan and found Lori.

I would highly recommend Lori to anyone with a “hair” problem – but you should be patient – but NOT 15 years.


I have gone to numerous electrolysis places over the years and have never been satisfied with the experience.

Since I started going to Lori, I have been so pleased with the long lasting results. Not only does she use the most effective method I have ever had, she also creates a comfortable environment.

She always puts me at ease. Her clients are very fortunate to have her.